Want an edgier look? Here are some ideas to help you achieve it!
Wearing dark skinny jeans with some rips and tears (preferably ones at the knees) just don’t over do it because it’ll look a little tacky.
Wear either a dark red or purple shirt or even better, a rock baseball tee (nirvana, guns and roses, etc).
Play it up by wearing an open flannel as a “cover up” type or wear it around your waist.
Put on some black Chelsea or Chunky Boots (I personally prefer Jeffrey Campbells Mulders). If boots have metallic accents and buckles it’s totally fine!
If it’s colder where you live, LAYERING IS APPROPRIATE! Whether it be a plaid scarf, leather jacket, or both its completely fine, even looks better! (Remember John Bender’s layers in Breakfast Club?)
If you have tattoos, don’t be shy and show them off! If you have plugs wear them and if you just have a standard ear piercing, then just go ahead and buy the fake tapers/plugs! That’s what I do and since most are made of surgical steel, my sensitive ears aren’t affected!
Messy hair do as shown above is perf for the I don’t care look and you can have dark eyes and a pink lip or big eyelashes with a mascara of your choice with a dark lip. *try to match with the red or purple theme*
HAVE FUN WITH IT! (play up outfit with a fur tote (:)